Giantz 2000M Polywire Roll Electric Fence Energiser Stainless Steel Poly Wire

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Want to improve the visibility of your electric fence? Then this 2.3mm wide Red and White Polywire is all you need.

Electric fences are designed to keep pets and livestock contained and polywire helps to improve its visibility, keeping your pets and livestock away from it. The wire is constructed of 9 stainless steel wires, each measuring 0.15mm. As polywire is thinner than polytape, it is considered to be more resistant to wind. With the use of red and white, it highly increases the visibility, preventing your livestock to make accidental contact. Fulfilling your needs for a reliable electric fencing, be assured that your animals will be kept where they belong.

Features:Highly visible red and white wire to reduce accidental contacts Compatible with fence energiser Antirust and high conductivity stainless steel wire 9 strands of 0.15mm stainless steel Tightly wound and UV stabilised; avoids disintegration under sun Ideal for livestock fencing and control grazing

Specifications:Length: 2000m/roll Width: 2.3mm Strand: 9 x 0.15MM stainless steel wire Electrical resistance: 4.8Ω OHMS Coating: UV treated Colour: Red & white

Package Contents:1 x 2000M Polywire