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Giantz 4 Tonne Hand Winch Puller Giantz 4 Tonne Hand Winch Puller
Giantz 4 Tonne Hand Winch Puller $52.00 $68.90
Made from heavy gauge flat stock steel, the Giantz hand puller winch provides 4000kg of pulling power. Featuring sturdy aircraft grade steel cable and double gear ratcheting gearbox for superior handling and maximum performance. Providing you the convenience you need whenever you need a hand on loading, removing or tighten any heavy things that you can think of! Features Portable hand winch Great in moving heavy equipments To tighten fencing Landscaping such as removing tree stumps or debris Assist in loading boat on to a trailer Made of steel constructions - heavy gauge flat stock steel Standard series - perfect for home mechanic Drop forged safety catch hooks for heavy loads 360 degree hanging catching hook Non slip cushion grip handle Heavy duty aircraft cable Heavy duty ratchet and pawl Two-wheel ratcheting gearbox Specifications Body material: Flat stock steel Cable material: Aircraft grade steel Cable size: Φ5.5mm x 3.3m Effective distance: 1.2m Surface treatment: Zincification Brake type: Ratchet Capacity: 4 Tons Weight: 5.50kg Package Content 1 x Giantz Hand Puller Winch
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Giantz 12V Wireless Electric Winch Remote with Steel Cable Giantz 12V Wireless Electric Winch Remote with Steel Cable
Giantz 12V Wireless Electric Winch Remote with Steel Cable $183.00 $244.90
When the going gets tough, the tough gets a GIANTZ 4500lbs Electric Winch. Vehicle stuck in a hog? Or a fallen tree across your 4x4 adventure drive? Then you'll be glad you have our Electric Winch to pull you through unpleasant circumstances. Built super tough, the Electric Winch features a rated line pull of 4500lbs powered by a 12V 2hp DC motor and enclosed in a waterproof and corrosion-resistant heavy duty housing. It also comes with a 5.5mm thick high tensile steel cable that stretches up to 15m long. The three-stage planetary gear system makes for fast line speed and sure hold whilst for maximum safety, an automatic load-holding brake ensures that the winch is protected from excessive winching. Operating the winch is easy with wired or wireless remote control. Other quality accessories include forged steel clevis hooks, mounting plate and a bonus pulley hook for double line winching. So before you take off for those challenging off-road escapades, make sure you have the GIANTZ Electric Winch mounted. Every adventure and journey will be all the more prepared and enjoyable. Features 4500lb rated line pull 15m high tensile steel cable 5.5mm thick steel cable 2hp 12V DC motor Three-stage planetary gear system Four-way roller fairlead Automatic load-holding brake Waterproof and corrosion-resistant Wired and wireless remote control Bonus pulley hook Free spooling clutch Specifications Voltage: DC 12V Single line pulling capacity: 4500lbs (2041kgs) Winch motor: 2HP (1.5KW) permanent magnet Gear train: 3 stage planetary Gear ratio: 136:1 Clutch: Sliding ring gear Braking action: Automatic in the drum Fairlead: Aluminum Remote control cable: 305cm Steel Cable Length: 15M Steel Cable Diameter: 5.5mm Battery wire: 1.6m Motor wire: 1.1m Mounting hole: 124 x 76mm Drum length: 74mm Dimensions: 34.5x11x11cm Weight: 10.35kg Package Content 1 x GIANTZ 4500lbs Electric Winch 1 x Steel Wire Rope 1 x Fairlead Roller 1 x Clevis Hook 1 x Pulley 1 x Wireless Remote Control 1 x Hand Remote Control 2 x Battery Wire 2 x Motor Wire 1 Set x Accessory Pack 1 x User Manual